CORE Gap Year is a nine month, post high school christian gap year program focused on discipleship, experiential learning, and developing emotional maturity.

Our Mission

Help participants claim their identity in Christ, impact their world, and positively shape their future.

Gap Years can be a time of personal insight, an exploration of possible future careers, or simply a way to recharge in a meaningful way.
— American Gap Association

Is THE CORE GAP YEAR PROGRAM right for  you?

For high school students/graduates: CORE gap year participants can benefit greatly from taking time off from the stresses of academic rigor to serve others, figure out who they are, calling, interests and passions before spending thousands of dollars bouncing between majors in university. Plus, universities and employers understand the benefits to participants who take time off to give back and develop as an individual. The CORE Gap Year program is specifically designed to help students chart a course for their future based on their identity in Christ and their personal story.

For college graduates: You’ve already received the academic side to your education, but what about education that takes place outside of your comfort zone? If you are unsure what your next step is or if you’re just looking for a bit of adventure before you head into your future career, a gap year opportunity like the CORE Gap Year program could be perfect for you!

For current college students: Haven’t graduated yet? Struggling to figure out your major? Or, answer the question, “what’s next?”. CORE Gap Year is for you. Take some time off. Let your identity in Christ become the CORE of who you are and then use everything else you learn and experience during your time at CORE to launch you back into the academic scene with rejuvenated passion and curiosity.