CORE Gap Year follows the academic year, starting in September and ending in June.


What does the Core gap year program consist of?

CORE is made up of three components: experiential learning, service, and coursework. Through these three components participants claim their identity, define their personal mission, vision, and values based on their spiritual gifts and vocation. They are stretched through service, discipleship, and coaching.

What does Group Learning look like?

Group learning sessions will be lecture and discussion based. They will focus on Biblical Foundations, Leadership Development, Personal Finance, and Emotional Intelligence. These sessions will involve reading, active participation in discussion, and practical and real-life application.


What do you mean by "service" component?

"Service" is a key element of the CORE Gap Year program.  Through service, participants will gain real-world experience and an opportunity to apply lessons learned through group learning in practical and meaningful ways.  One of the most visible aspects of service will be through outreach, frequently through partnering with ministries in New York City, Philadelphia, or other nearby urban centers.  Service will also encompass hands-on learning and experience through utilizing your God given gifts and talents through the ministries of our parent organization, Fellowship Deaconry Ministries.

Where will participants live?

You will live with up to 4 other CORE participants of your same gender in a clean, furnished, two bedroom apartment with laundry facilities and a full kitchen.


What is provided in participant housing?

Beds, dressers, tables & chairs, couches, and even the kitchen sink - so you won't have to pack that too!