When is the best time to apply?

  • Applications will be considered on a rolling basis throughout the year.  Application deadline for the current academic year is July 31st.

Should I still ensure admission to college even thought I'm attending CORE?

  • Yes.  College admission is very competitive.  Therefore, it is smart for current high school students to apply to colleges while they are in high school with available resources (counselors and time).  After acceptance, contact the college to inform them of your decision to take a gap year and defer enrollment.  Many schools will hold scholarships and financial aid until you enroll the following year.  This is also applicable for anyone currently enrolled in college.  Informing your college or university of your plan to enroll in a gap year program helps ensure your college admission is guaranteed when the CORE program ends.

Will CORE participants be allowed to bring their own vehicles?

  • Yes.

Is travel home permitted?

  • Yes.  Participants are able to travel during holiday breaks and on weekends when they do not have service responsibilities.

How many students are accepted in the program?

  • The maximum number of participants accepted is 24 per year.

Where should I purchase my books?

  • Participants may have different preferences for reading: hard copy, ebook, used, borrowed, etc.  It is the participants' responsibility to acquire the books for their group learning sessions.

Who will monitor participants in the evening?

  • Participant apartments share a building with two of the program guides.  If there is an emergency you can bang on the walls or knock on their doors, or call or text them (the latter is preferred).

Do participants need health insurance?

  • Yes.  CORE and its partner organizations do not provide health insurance for participants.  We highly encourage participants who attend to be covered by health insurance.  Due to recent changes in health insurance laws and the age requirements for CORE, many participants will be able to remain on their parents' health insurance policy.  When participants are serving with one of our parent organizations, they will be covered by workers' compensation for any injury related incidents.

Where is the nearest doctor or pharmacy to get prescription medicine?

  • Morristown Medical Center is approximately 15 minutes away.  And there are several pharmacies and urgent care centers within a few miles of our property.

Where is the nearest airport?

  • As we are in the Greater New York City metropolitan area the following airports are nearby.  In order from closest to furthest: Newark Liberty International (EWR), LaGuardia Airport (LGA), and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).  Trenton, NJ (TTN) and Lehigh Valley (ABE) are also fairly close.

Are family and friends allowed to visit me during the year?

  • Yes.  Reasonably priced guest rooms are available for rent on-site, and there are several hotels nearby.  Please note that our policy does not allow parents or any guests over the age of 25 to stay in CORE housing.  Please contact Fellowship Deaconry Conference Center at 908-647-1777 for more information and availability of on-site guest rooms.

Is there internet access?

  • VERY important question.  The answer is yes.  Several of our buildings are equipped with wireless internet signals.  Please note that at various points during the CORE program (such as the hiking trip) students will be asked to disconnect from technology in order to connect with other participants and to support spiritual growth.

Can I stay through the summer and be on staff at Day Camp Sunshine?

  • Yes, after successfully completing the application and interview process for Day Camp Sunshine.