Partnering with you during your gap year to help you claim your identity in Christ, impact your world, and positively shape your future.


CORE Gap Year is perfect for those looking to gain experience and have a little adventure before they enter college, during college, or before they enter the workforce.


Why Chose the Core Gap Year program?

Your life matters and how you chose to spend your gap year is important.  The CORE Gap Year program will help you identify personal strengths and interests in an environment that is designed to help you grow.  Find out more about what makes CORE Gap Year unique.


What is a gap year?

A gap year is a planned break from academic studies to gain experience and maturity.  By participating in the CORE Gap Year program, you’ll gain life experience through apartment-style living with other CORE participants and service projects in the local metro areas.  You’ll grow personally and spiritually through outdoor adventure activities and group learning sessions.  Learn more about if  CORE Gap Year is right for you.



Establishing a strong Biblical foundation will help guide you towards a life that honors God through the unique gifts and strengths He has given you.  CORE Gap Year’s personal discipleship and group learning sessions will help you better understand the Bible and its application to your everyday life.